Guardian Program

From time to time, My Three Doodles will expand our breeding stock

If you live within 30 minutes of Davidson, NC, you may qualify for our Guardian Home Program. Since we do not believe in kenneling our dogs for us to expand our breeding program, we have implemented the Guardian Home Program.


This ensures that our dogs are raised by a loving family and will be thought of as part of the family. Your puppy will be the pick of the litter by us, and we will retain the breeding rights for the life of the contract.

A guardian family must be willing to give the dog back to us for health testing and breeding. The Moms will stay with us until their babies are weaned. She will then return to his/her Guardian family.

After our dog has finished her breeding career, the dog will be spayed/neutered at the guardians family’s expense and ownership of the dog will go to the guardian family. Normal yearly vaccine care will be the responsibility of the guardian family.

(1) At least one adult must not work outside of the home;

(2) Dogs must complete basic obedience classes;

(3) The dog must be on the leash when outside;

(4) You must have a fenced-in yard;

(5) You must notify us when the dog starts her cycle on day one (1), as the start date is really important;

(6) You must live within 30 minutes of Davidson, NC. We undestand that families need to move, however, the family may not move away during the life of  the contract or the dog will need to be returned and the contract terminated;

(7) The breeder dog must be groomed every six weeks;

(8) You must provide veterinary care, including flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention and all vaccinations;

(9) All medications must be approved by My Three Doodles.