Meet our Girls


I cannot say enough about how sweet Lucy’s disposition is. She is the first to wake us up with sloberry kisses every morning. She is obsessed with shoe insoles. Lucy loves to please. When anyone comes to the door, she greets them with a toy in her mouth. She is a sock thief. She’s funny and smart, and we love her to pieces.


Annabelle is a beautiful small standard girl with a silky black coat. She loves to play outside with BFF Alice. She’s the first one out and the last one to come in. She has great eye contact. (It’s almost if she knows what you’re thinking.) She and Alice came to us from Tarheel Labradoodles. Thank you, Evan, for your wonderful girls.
ALAA #111696



Alice is my cutie pie who can jump over buildings with a single bound (not really but she can jump over a couch and a big dog.) She’s very athletic, She loves to run outside, but she’s the first one in bed at night to cuddle. She has a wavy white coat that feels like cotton balls. Alice is a darling.

ALAA #111656